Greece: Syrian refugee Baida al-Saleh under microscope for three offences

Greece: The prosecutor’s investigation into Baida al-Saleh, the woman who allegedly invented and spread the fake news from the island of Evros, is in full progress. The 27-year-old Syrian now lives in Germany but has not filed an asylum request in the country.

According to the information, the prosecutor who has in his hands the file of this strange case has already documented the commission of the offence of spreading false news by the 27-year-old.


In the next period, it is not excluded that additional evidence will emerge for two more crimes that are being examined, such as her participation in human trafficking rings, but also charges related to the national security of the country. In the event that the investigation reveals that Baida al-Saleh’s actions caused damage to the country’s national security, then it is possible even to request the issuance of a European arrest warrant.


From the investigations carried out so far by the special services of the Hellenic Police, it appears that for the specific period of time, before and after the incident, Baida had communication through online applications with two people of a certain “gray” NGO operating in Edirne, Turkey. This particular NGO has leased a building that hosts refugees and immigrants who are in Adrianople.

At the same time, the 27-year-old’s activity has also caused an impression. Hailing from Raqqa, the Syrian city that for years functioned as the “capital” of ISIS, Baida al-Saleh has been living in Turkey since 2016. From the first moment, she was engaged in writing and to date has written a total of six books with the refugee issue, which are circulating in Turkey.

In fact, she became a recognizable member of the Syrian community in Turkey, even giving interviews about her books. All this time, the special services of EL.AS. are gathering evidence about the young woman and the strange role she played last August. Then the alleged death of a five-year-old girl, named “Maria”.



The special services of EL.AS., from the first moment they started investigating the case, initially tried to decode Baida’s itinerary.

According to the information, at that time the “refugee” from Syria was already in Turkey. At the beginning of August, a first attempt was made by a group of about 50 foreigners (mostly refugees from Syria, but among them were also Afghans) to cross the natural border of Evros, which did not have a successful outcome.

The information from the Greek authorities states that the 27-year-old woman was not among this group.

On August 15, a new group, consisting of 38 Syrian refugees, was found again in Evros. As has also been established by the investigations, Baida was not among the second group of refugees at the initial stage of their journey.

The young Syrian appears out of nowhere on the island of Evros, sending a video with her mobile phone, talking about a dead child, while at the same time, she was communicating with people of a certain NGO in Greece.

A few days later, the 38 refugees managed to cross into Greece and were taken to the KYT of Drama. There, the family of “little Mary” appeared with four children. When the parents were asked, they said that their fifth child, “Maria”, had indeed “died” on the island.

When asked where the child’s body is, they replied that they gave it to a compatriot to bury in Turkey. When the police suggested they make a request for an exhumation, in order to establish the cause of the child’s death, the parents refused and stopped giving any answer to every question of the Greek authorities.

After examining the parents, the police began to examine the rest of the group of 38 refugees. And then they were surprised.

As they found, Baida al-Saleh, along with two other people from the same group, had disappeared from the Reception and Identification Center in Drama. When the Greek authorities discovered this strange disappearance, they immediately notified the special services of Germany and asked for information. Of course, they were not surprised when the authorities informed them that Baida was not only in Germany, but had already managed to get married, tying the knot with a fellow countryman, just a few weeks after her passage from Evros.

Gradually, over unknown periods of time, most of those “trapped” on the islet of Evros also escaped illegally from our country, apparently with the help of rings related to human trafficking and trafficking. The information of “R” states that now only nine people from the group of 38 refugees are in Greece, among them the family of “little Maria”.

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