Ghent: Natalia Anoshina appreciates Mayor ‘Matias de Klerk’ for aiding Ukrainian refugees

Ghent, Belgium: In order to intensify regional cooperation between Ukraine and Belgium, a working meeting between Temporary Trustee Natalia Anoshina and the Mayor of the city of Ghent ‘Matias de Klerk’ was held. She appreciated the efforts of Mayor ‘de Klerk’ for aiding Ukrainian refugees.

At the beginning of the conversation, Natalia Anoshina expressed gratitude to the Mayor and the residents of Ghent for the care and practical assistance provided to both Ukraine and Ukrainians who have found their refuge in Ghent due to Russian aggression.

During the dialogue, Mr De Klerk was informed about the current security and economic situation in Ukraine, ways of strengthening regional ties and reconstruction projects that Ghent can join were discussed, as well as the urgent humanitarian needs of the country, including in the field of energy infrastructure.

In turn, Mr. Mathias De Clercq confirmed the unwavering support of Ukraine in resisting full-scale Russian armed aggression and mentioned that the city of Ghent will continue to help Ukraine and Ukrainians. As a result of the meeting, Mr. De Clercq noted that Ghent will soon consider ways to provide the necessary humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Belgium continues to help Ukraine in different ways. On the other hand, the school ‘Native Language’ in Belgium helps young Ukrainians in Belgium learn the Ukrainian language, culture and religion and develop comprehensively by participating in exhibitions, vertepahs, artproektahs and master classes. Native language is a school and a place of communication and leisure for children and their parents.

The school started its work in September 2019 with the initiative of indifferent parents from the Ukrainian community and the active support of Father Oleg Spodar, Father Adam Figurek and Natalie Ostash from “The Organization of Ukrainians of Belgium”.

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