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EU may ask European, Caribbean countries to shut down Golden Visas – CBI, RBI programmes

European Union is considering a major clampdown on golden visas and economic citizenship programmes within the region. As per reports, the EU will soon...

Financial Times’ PWM Magazine feature leading agencies to discuss due diligence by Caribbean CBI jurisdictions

Professional Wealth Management (PWM)'s Financial Times Studio organised an interactive session on "The Mechanics of Due Diligence, World in Crisis: Securing Citizenship by Investment."...

French police kills a man at Gare du Nord station for knife-attack

Police in the French capital killed a man who allegedly attacked them with a knife. The incident happened at Paris's Gare du Nord station....

Eastern Europe gear for refugees as tensions escalate at Russia-Ukraine border

Eastern European countries are preparing for tens of thousands of refugees to evacuate Ukraine if the conflict with Russia worsens, with some Polish towns...

Dominica, Malta, St Kitts and Nevis have strongest due diligence: FT’s CBI Index

The governments of Dominica, Malta, St Kitts and Nevis has taken the due-diligence process of Citizenship by Investment Programmes exceptionally seriously. With their continuous...

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