Sunny skies with temperature upto 21℃ is predicted in Belgium this Saturday

Europe: The majority of Belgians will be able to enjoy clear, sunny skies with maximum temperature of about 21°C at the coast up to 26°C in the south of the nation this Saturday, as per the forecast of the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI).

On Saturday night, it will be calm under a generally serene to slightly cloudy sky with a few high clouds. The minimums will be between 6 as well as 14°C, with a generally light breeze.

This coming Sunday will again be warm and sunny with a few clouds. Highs will range from 24 to 26°C at the coast but from 27 to 29°C in the rest of the nation.

Along with this, on Monday, however, the heat will increase with temperatures reaching 29 to 31°C, with local temperature up to 34°C. The sky will remain sunny with a few high clouds as well as general light south to southeast wind.

On Tuesday, after a reasonably warm night, highs will reach 34°C to 38°C, locally even going as high as 39°C. The sky will remain sunny, but a few isolated thundery showers may break out during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

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