Storm Ravages Brussels: Baby Killed, Severe Disruptions Across City

Brussels was struck by a devastating storm on Tuesday afternoon, bringing torrential rain, hail, and powerful gusts of wind.

The violent weather led to tragic loss of life and significant disruption across the city. Among the worst-hit areas was the municipality of Uccle, where a two-month-old baby boy tragically lost his life.

The storm traveled across various parts of Belgium, with Brussels bearing the brunt of its fury. Torrential rain began around 16:00, catching many residents off guard before the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) issued a code orange alert and ordered the closure of all green spaces at 17:00.

In Uccle’s Wolvendael Park, strong winds caused a large branch to fall, striking a baby boy who was in a pram being pushed by his mother. The infant was rushed to Saint Elisabeth Hospital in Uccle but sadly succumbed to his injuries.

Uccle Mayor Boris Dilliès confirmed the tragic incident to The Brussels Times, expressing deep sorrow over the loss. As the storm raged, widespread damage was reported across the city.

Tunnels were flooded, causing numerous cars to become stuck. Train services were severely disrupted for several hours due to trees falling on tracks and overhead wires.

In Uccle alone, many trees were downed, and private properties, as well as communal infrastructures, sustained heavy damage. The ceiling of the communal car park on rue du Doyenné collapsed under the storm’s pressure.

The Brussels Fire Brigade was inundated with emergency calls, dealing with 86 incidents by Wednesday morning. These included 46 cases of miscellaneous objects falling onto streets and pavements, 22 fallen trees, and 18 instances of flooded streets and cellars.

Fire Brigade spokesperson Walter Derieuw noted that another 200 incidents were still marked for attention, although some water-related issues had since been resolved.

To manage the overwhelming demand, five teams of Red Cross volunteers replaced firefighters in the brigade’s ambulances, maximizing personnel deployment.

The severe weather also led to several power outages across Brussels. Ixelles and Boulevard Louis Mettewie in Molenbeek were particularly affected.

Brussels energy network operator Sibelga confirmed that while power had been largely restored in Ixelles, efforts were ongoing to resolve issues in other areas.

The storm’s impact extended beyond infrastructure and services to public safety. The decision to close all Brussels parks was a precautionary measure, but the sudden onset of rain at 16:00 meant many green spaces were still open.

Uccle’s Mayor Dilliès took to social media to inform residents about the damage and ongoing efforts to address the aftermath. As the city grapples with the storm’s consequences, authorities and emergency services continue to work tirelessly to restore normalcy.

The tragic death of the baby boy in Uccle has cast a shadow over the community, highlighting the storm’s devastating human impact.

Residents are urged to exercise caution and heed weather warnings as cleanup and recovery efforts continue. The storm serves as a stark reminder of the power of nature and the importance of preparedness in the face of unpredictable weather events.


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