Sikh girl criticised online for supporting hindus over Leicester unrest

United Kingdom: Some people all over the world are harassing a Sikh girl who stood up for the Hindu temple as well as was disrespected by Muslim Mob in Leicester City in London. 

According to the user of Twitter, he shared the details without the victim’s permission. In a conversation with the Twitter user, the victim shared that she got a message from an anonymous account on Instagram on September 21. 

The user, not identified yet, intimidated the girl, saying that all the information about the girl was known to her. The victim revealed that she came to understand that the user attended the same school she attends. 

Moreover, the victim further said that after she stood up for the Leicester unrest in London, she continued to receive text threats from anonymous users. 

She stated that she opposed the attack by the rioters as well as that it was in opposition to Islam.

Along with this, the Sikh girl living in London added that the individuals who are threatening her know everything about her, ranging from the length of her hair to that she is Vegan. 

The users of Twitter kept threatening her, and they highlighted that she attends a Muslim majority school as well as should stay careful in expressing her views. 

In addition, she continued receiving threats as well as vulgar pictures. No more details in the matter are known further except that the victim is receiving no help from the authorities. 

Leicester city in the United Kingdom faced communal tension between Hindu and Muslim communities, leading to the detention of two in a place with a mixed population of both communities. 


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