Rummer Willis responds to the Body Shamers for calling her skinny!

Rumer Glenn Willis is an American actress cum singer, popular for her outstanding work. The actress is the eldest daughter of actress Demi Moore and actor Bruce Willis. Notably, Willis, 32 recently shared one of her posts and was badly body-shamed by her haters.

On Instagram, the actress received too many negative comments on her weight. Significantly, her haters called her ‘too skinny and trolled her by mentioning that she needs ‘to eat.’

However, later Rrumer slammed them all back and responded in her own way. The actress wrote, “I know I don’t need to do this but in an effort to spread some awareness and shed some light on body-shaming tactics I felt the need to share.”

The actress shared her story on Instagram and wrote, “After the barrage of some really inappropriate comments left on my pic I posted yesterday I was left really bummed cause I was really enjoying the silly pics I took. It was a weird angle that even made me feel like I looked smaller than I do in real life.”

In addition, she also advised that the masses must not be keen on her body and should stop commenting on her figure. She noted, “Even though you may think it’s your job or even your right to leave your unfiltered thoughts or judgments about my body for me and others to read…it’s not.”

Rumer also clearly mentioned that posting pessimistic opinions on someone’s profile is just a powerful way to assault their eating habits.

Willis stated, “If I was really struggling with any kind of food issues (which I’m gratefully not) coming for me in my comments and telling me how I’m too skinny or I need to eat is absolutely not helpful and extremely body shaming. ”

Later, she added and clarified, “If you were actually concerned for my health and welfare or anyone you think maybe actually struggling send them a dm and have a private conversation and really ask how they are doing and if they would like support instead of posting inflammatory public comments.”



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