Jennifer Aniston details her therapy, which helped her to get relieved form high anxiety levels!

Jennifer Joanna Aniston, the popular American actress cum producer, is mostly in the spotlight for the way she cares for health and wellness. The...

Billie Eilish reveals that she is not satisfied with her body!

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell, the American singer cum songwriter revealed her struggles with her body. Notably, she claimed that she is extremely unhappy...

Lorenzo Lamas engaged to his girlfriend Kenna Nicole Smith!

Lorenzo Fernando Lamas, the popular American actor has finally revealed that he and his girlfriend are now engaged. Despite giving the statements that he...

Valerie Bertinelli responds to the haters on Body-Shaming her!

Valerie Ann Bertinelli, the American television personality has very bravely reacted to the ones who are passing their mean comments on her weight gain. The...

Jeannie Mai Jenkins opens up about the ‘shift’ that occurred in her relationship with her husband!

Jeannie Mai Jenkins, the famous American television presenter has shared about the way she and her husband had a 'shift' in their relationship. Notably,...

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