Rise in scabies around Belgium leads to rise in doubts among scientists: Reports

Belgium, Europe From the end of the last year, reports have been coming up about the remarkable increase of scabies, which is a disease that is hardly existed before.

As per the data, scabies is also known as sarcoptic mange. There is a sudden increase in cases.

The pharmacists in Antwerp have virtually run out of scabies medicines because of the rise of the highly contagious skin disease in the city in recent months.

Moreover, the scientists, however, have yet to come up with an answer as to where the rise suddenly comes from.

During an interview, Dr Steven Van Den Broucke of the Tropical Institute mentioned, “We do not have a conclusive answer. It could have to do with migration or hygiene, but it could just as well be due to students having close contact with each other, or because the ointment works less efficiently than before.”

In addition, there is no routine test for antibiotics to see where the problem is.

Van Den Broucke stated, “This mite is a notoriously difficult animal to investigate. Finally, it is difficult because you actually have to treat everyone who came into contact with the infectious bug and not just the one who suffered the most.”

While people are sometimes reluctant to admit that they have scabies, there is no requirement to be, worried Van Den Broucke.

“Scabies can happen to anyone and occurs in all strata of the population. It is not related to a lack of hygiene; close contact with an infected person can be enough.”

Along with this, “We have about ten patients a day,” Van Den Broucke declared. “The stock of medication – little pills – dwindles quickly. Pharmacies in Antwerp are also having problems with the ointment in stock, partly due to international supply issues.”

Furthermore, as per the website of the Federal Medicines Agency, the shortage is not national but likely limited to the Antwerp region.




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