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Baloch issues in Pakistan must be addressed, says a report

Balochistan in Pakistan is a treasure trove of natural riches, but it also falls into the poor category, thus the government needs to investigate why it isn't...

Dominica introduces two female cricketers for ICC U-19 Women’s Cricket World Cup in South Africa

Sports Division, Dominica announced two Dominican Female Cricketers selected to participate in the Inaugural ICC under 19 Cricket World Cup of Women in South Africa. 

PM Roosevelt Skerrit extends greetings filled with hope and peace on New Year 2023

Prime Minister- Dr Roosevelt Skerrit extended warm wishes and greetings on the New Year, 2023, through a message filled with hope and peace. He reflected on everything Dominica faced in 2022 and looked to the future; two words came to his mind, Gratitude and Reset.

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UK: Serial animal abuser jailed for brutally killing 2 Spaniel puppies

United Kingdom: In a recent, a serial animal abuser, named Jimmy Smith from Ashford, Kent was arrested for killing two Spaniel puppies. The puppies - named Sky and Angel - died a horrific death after Smith repeatedly slammed them onto a concrete floor. One puppy died at the scene, while the other was put down at a veterinary practice.

J&K emerges as global brand, thanks to ‘Make in India’

Jammu and Kashmir: The Make In India campaign has been really successful in promoting the brand Kashmir that it is no surprise to encounter Kashmiri products, from something as small as Lavender essential oil to carpets, in any part of the globe.

Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter shares update on mixed-breed dog

Chance, Animal Shelter shared information about a mixed-breed dog available for adoption. She is a cheerful, sweet named Sonya, a dog of mixed breed Jack Russell.

Ireland: MLA Diane Forsythe shares update on Downpatrick Living High Streets Initiative

Diane Forsythe, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Northern Ireland (MLA), shared an update on Downpatrick Living High Streets Initiative. She mentioned this pilot initiative could be transformative for Downpatrick, with successful delivery being then rolled out on High Streets in towns across the District.

Singer Lisa Gerrard shares update on her upcoming performance on Hans Zimmer Live

Singer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Founding Member of Dead Can Dance Lisa Gerrard shared the information about her upcoming performance on the Hans Zimmer Live, Europe Tour 2023 at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai on the 27th and 28th of January.

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