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Dominica signals positive outcomes after EU, UK makes a visit to examine CBI Programme

A delegation of the European Union and the United Kingdom recently visited the Commonwealth of Dominica to analyse the island's citizenship by investment programme. Throughout the extensive deliberations,...

Belgium addresses urgent need for guardians as unaccompanied minors seek refuge

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the Ministry of Justice has collaborated with the Centre for General Welfare Work (CAW) to bolster the ranks of guardians who play a crucial role in representing and safeguarding these minors

European March for Palestine in Brussels Calls for Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

Around 40 civil society groups, unions, and non-governmental organizations will come together for the 'European March for Palestine' in Brussels, uniting in a collective effort to pressure the European Union to support an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

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Belgium’s New Solar Park to Electrify Trains, Promising Sustainable Transportation

Located strategically just meters away from HSL-2, the high-speed rail artery connecting Leuven and Liege, the park's placement underscores its pivotal role in Belgium's bustling rail network

Belgians Increasingly Amend Marriage Contracts for Legal and Financial Clarity

Bohyn noted that the most significant disparities in contract modifications were observed between Flanders and Wallonia, with Flanders witnessing 22,002 adjustments in 2023 compared to merely 3,640 in Wallonia

Drug Violence Plagues Peterbos Housing Estate in Anderlecht: Residents Cry for Help Amidst Gang Domination

Reports indicate that the neighborhood has fallen under the control of former residents, including teenagers and minors as young as 10, with ties to drug clans in Marseille, France

Farmers Block Access to Antwerp Port in Protest Against Agricultural Policy

The protest, organized by individual farmers, aims to disrupt heavy bulk transport while allowing essential services and perishable goods to pass through the filter blockades

Saint-Gilles Grapples with Surge in Violence: Mayor Points to Drug Territory Disputes

Against the backdrop of escalating tensions, Mayor Jean Spinette of the Socialist Party (PS) addressed the public, attributing the spate of violence to territorial disputes among drug dealers

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