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Energy crisis increases poverty rates in Belgium, effecting school children

The energy crisis is raising poverty rates in Belgium, which is already affecting school children and their packed lunches, as per sources all over Belgian education.

London: Protests erupts outside Iranian embassy, injures five officers

Five officers had been severely wounded, 12 people were detained and 12 individuals were arrested outside the Iranian Embassy in London,

British man visits 67 different pubs in 17 hours, creates Guinness World Record

A man from British made history by breaking the Guinness World Record of having drinks at 67 different pubs in about 17 hours.

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Belgium: Key suspect in 4-year-old’s murder receives favourable regime

The primary suspect in the death of Dean Verberckmoes, 4, Dave De Kock, 35-year-old, had been treated well in Bruges jail, Belgium.

MEP Elena Kountoura participates at World Knowledge Forum 2022 in Seoul

Elena Kountoura, took part as a guest at the World Knowledge Forum 2022 global meeting, where she had an interactive session.

Belgium protestors to gather at Iranian embassy to support women in Iran

A protest will be performed on a stage on Friday evening to display support for women in Iran objecting to the compulsory hijab.

Belgium: Schaerbeek municipality to pay additional €1 million for electricity ,gas bill

The municipality of Schaerbeek will be required to pay an additional €1 million towards its electricity as well as the gas bill in 2023.

Germany: Teenager facing charges of planning an Islamist-motivated attack

A teen was detained on Thursday on the charges of planning an Islamist-motivated attack in Germany, as per the federal prosecutor's office.

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