Mission Impossible 7 halted again due to crew testing positive!

The production of the new Mission Impossible has stopped once again as COVID results of crew on set came positive. As a result, the crew including Tom Cruise have been self-isolated for about 2 weeks.

Paramount announced the news on Thursday, “We have temporarily halted production on Mission: Impossible 7 until June 14th, due to positive coronavirus test results during routine testing… We are following all safety protocols and will continue to monitor the situation.”

Fourteen crew members working on the set of Mission Impossible 7 were found positive. Four of them were women dancers, with whom Tom Cruise had shot a night club scene and they were “within a couple of meters” of Tom, says a source.

“Fourteen crew members have got Covid — most of them are close aides of Tom’s. The whole shooting crew, about 60 people, have all had to self-isolate for 14 days”, a source told The Sun.

The movie is scheduled for May 2022, and this delay will leave a negative impact on the entire process. The source added, “It’s going to badly affect filming and they’ll be playing catch-up when they finally come back.”

Gone into self-isolation for 2 weeks, Tom Cruise is furious. Last year as well, Cruise had yelled at some of the crew members who weren’t following COVID safety protocols, and warned them to be kicked out out if they didn’t. The source told The Sun, “Tom is absolutely fuming about what’s happened, especially given his rant to his staff last year.

Last year, a video of Tom yelling at the crew standing close to each other over a computer had also went viral. Last month, Tom Cruise addressed the incident saying, “I said what I said… there was a lot at stake at that point.” However, Cruise also mentioned that he only addressed the “selected people” who were directly involved with the safety violation.

This is the second time that the production of the movie has been paused. In February 2020, the production was paused for the first time when COVID-19 outbreak happened in Italy, where they were shooting at time. However, it resumed in September but got briefly delayed again in October when 12 crew members tested positive.

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