Major signs that Covid-19 is turning more hazardous!

The majority of coronavirus infected people tend to experience it to be mild in nature. Although, the infected ones may recover well under care. On the other hand, for the remaining cases, the virus tends to cause symptoms that could be severe. This may even impact the vital functioning.

Notably, most of the doctors believe that timely medical help can save lives. Oxygen deprivation, breathlessness, vital organ complications can all be serious warning signs that one needs to be hospitalized for. Some potential warning signs to check for in the initial days, which can predict the severity of your disease.

The main three signs are:

Prolonged Fever!

Fever is the main and most common symptom of the coronavirus infection. Although, for the ones who do have a fever, they may experience a low-grade rise in body temperature. This does not come down after 4-5 days becomes a matter of concern.

As per the experts, during the first seven days of infection, a Covid infected patient needs to be really very careful regarding how long the fever lasts.

In case the fever recorded tends to come back, a day or two after settling down, or if a patient records new fevers.

Deep Cough!

The patients can have a strong, irritating, persistent cough along with other Covid-19 symptoms, this really don’t seems to be going away.

However, a patient experiences a sensation of a deep, hacking cough, which leads to zero phlegm, it may be a warning sign that the lungs and the respiratory organs are infected.

Persistent cough, accompanied by shortness of breath, irritation could also be signs of pneumonia, which is an infection of the tiny air sacs in the body.

Chest Blockage!

A sensation of pain, disturbance, or congestion, at any point of time from the start of symptom onset shouldn’t be taken lightly. While coronavirus infection predominantly attacks the upper respiratory tract.

The patient experiences congestion, burning sensation, wheezing while they exhale. In addition, there may be sharp shooting pain all around the chest. This this is a major sign that the virus is spreading along the lower respiratory tract as well and turning severe.

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