Germany: Teenager facing charges of planning an Islamist-motivated attack

Europe: A teen was detained on Thursday on the charges of planning an Islamist-motivated attack in Germany, as per the federal prosecutor’s office.

The people from dual German-Kosovar apprehended in the western town of Iserlohn allegedly were under the influence of an Islamic State group follower who posted propaganda on online messaging services, as per the prosecutor’s office.

Moreover, the age of the teenager was not yet shared and identified only as Etrit P. for privacy reasons, according to the information.

The investigators were accused him of preparing a severe act of violence threatening the state as well as supporting a foreign terrorist organisation.

The statement highlighted, “In the implementation of this decision, he already had himself taught how to develop an unconventional explosive as well as incendiary device.”

Furthermore, the prosecutors think the suspect worried his alleged bombing plans would be foiled. They stated that they had decided to attack police officers with a knife instead but were detained before doing so, the statement noted.

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