Netherlands to reopen amid COVID-19 crises

As per Prime Minister Mark Rutte, in this current week, the Netherlands will eliminate various of the strict COVID restrictions in country. They will allow the pubs, restaurants and museums to remain open for all the people whether they are vaccinated or not.

Moreover, Rutte mentioned that the measure that takes into effect on Wednesday was made in reaction to the “great difficulties” with the catering and cultural industries after the virtual lockdown, which was carried out days before the Christmas festival.

During the news conference, Rutte addressed, “The whole Netherland has missed you.”

He further mentioned, “Currently, we are thinking about taking a good step as we give access to travel in the Netherlands. This appears to be contradictory, but on the other hand, the level of contamination has reached extreme or unexpected heights and to clear the things, we are taking the risk.”

In the previous week, the majority of the cities where the cafes were likely to open in the bold disobedience, as well as the various museums, also remained unlocked.

According to the statement by Rutte, the government was “Deliberately looking forward to the boundaries of what is possible because of the huge conflicts and yelling for help in the current days.”

Meanwhile, as the new cases of the COVID are increasing at a rapid pace, there were approximately 60,000 per day, which has been soared by the Omicron variant and the people getting admitted in the hospitals, in the ICU- Intensive Care Unit and the casualties have been showing a decreasing trend in the Netherlands.

Apart From this, the Health Minister, Ernst Kuipers, alerted that it was “not the infection.” As in the previous time, it showed the decline in the cases of the new variant of COVID Omicron. Again, the situation is staying sensitive with the rise in the number of people getting affected by the virus and getting admitted to the hospital.

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