France police launch murder investigation after teen’s body found in suitcase

Europe: Police officials of France began a murder investigation after the body of a 12-year-old teenage girl was found in a suitcase outside her apartment in north-east Paris.

The victim, Lola Daviet, is believed to have been tortured as well as raped before being killed.

On Monday, at least two suspects, a 24-year-old homeless woman as well as a 43-year-old man, appeared before a judge in Paris. Police officials are reportedly questioning the two other people.

Along with this, an official investigation was opened at the weekend for “rape committed with acts of torture as well as barbarism” as well as for “the concealing of a corpse.”

An official investigation was launched at the weekend for “rape committed acts of torture as well as barbarism” and for “the concealing of a corpse”.

The principal suspect was allegedly captured on CCTV either accompanying or following Lola into the apartment building where their girl lived at about 3.30 pm on Friday, a few minutes after she left the educational institution. Local individuals later observed the woman pushing a sizeable plastic suitcase around the area.

In addition, the suitcase was left outside an apartment block which was not far from the residence in the 19th arrondissement where Lola lived with her family members, her parents, Delphine and Johan, who were the building’s caretakers.

A homeless man on Friday evening searched it. An autopsy carried out on Saturday discovered injuries to the throat, including the public prosecutor’s office noting that the girl had been asphyxiated.

The father of the 12-year-old girl was reported that she had vanished after she failed to return from school, a short distance from their home.

The female suspect was staying with her older sister, aged 26, who lives in the same apartment block as the murdered girl as well as her parents.

The second suspect is believed to be the driver of a vehicle that moved the girl’s dead body.

The sources reported that Lola’s body was marked with the numbers 1 and 0. The police officials shared with the French information journalists there were unsure of their significance but that there appeared to be no motive for the murder.

Furthermore, the main suspect is reported to have been unemployed, living on the streets as well as suffering severe “psychiatric problems”.

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