Flanders government announces to start administering 2nd booster shots from Sep 12

Europe: Following the decision by various health ministers of Belgium to organise a new vaccination campaign soon, the Flemish Government announced on Friday that it would start administering second booster shots from 12 September 2022.

The autumn booster campaign will raise the total Flemish maximum vaccination capacity from 25,000 shots per week currently to 800,000 shots per week after the summer.

In the statement, Flemish Welfare Minister Hilde Crevits mentioned, “The vaccination centres with their many employees and volunteers have made our Flemish vaccination campaign a success. We will again call on their professionalism and kindness for the autumn campaign.”

She further, “Vaccination remains important as protection against the coronavirus. Of course, we remain vigilant to the evolution of the virus itself, but organisationally, we are ready, and the necessary funding has been provided.”

During the previous campaign, 85 vaccination centres were opened, which Flemish Home Affairs Minister Bart Somers called “an ideal mix” between proximity and logistical feasibility.

“Currently, some of these vaccination centres have closed or become smaller, but soon more shots will have to be administered.”

Previously, the Flemish Government had already decided to keep the vaccination centres on standby throughout the year as well as to allow flexible scaling up or down depending on the number of individuals who are required to be vaccinated.

At the time of the additional booster campaign in autumn, the individuals with a higher risk and underlying disorders will be strongly advised to get vaccinated, the people older than 65, immunocompromised people, and the residents of residential care centres and anyone working in the care sector. In Flanders, an invitation will also be sent to everyone aged between 18 and 65.

Since the start of November month, in total, this applies to about 4.5 million Flanders residents who are best vaccinated. In order to guarantee that the most vulnerable target groups can certainly receive a vaccine before the end of September, Vaccination will start on Monday, 12 September 2022, as well as a piece of new information and awareness campaign, will also be launched.

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