Ex-student stabs teacher to death for being humiliated 30 years back in Belgian school

In Belgium, a 37-year-old man has confessed that he was humiliated by the teacher in the school days, and after 30 years (3 decades), he stabbed her 101 times to death in 2020, says the Belgian prosecutors.

As per the information shared by the prosecutors, the 37-year-old man named Gunter Uwents had admitted that he had never recovered from comments made about him in a class by teacher Maria Verlinden when he was a little school boy ageing seven years old in the early 1990s.

Despite multiple Belgian police inquiries and hundreds of DNA samples, the violent murder of 59-year-old Verlinden in her apartment in Herentals near Antwerp in 2020 remained unsolved. Her spouse had made a public request for witnesses.

Moreover, according to the reports, she has been stabbed a maximum of 101 times. Near her body, her purse was found and the cash remained untouched on the dining table, which made it clear that the person who had killed her had nothing to do with the money and that was not a violent robbery.

The prosecutors mentioned that after sixteen months, the incident took place on November 20, 2020, Uwents admitted the crime to one of his friends, and the friend shared it with the police officials.

On Sunday, he was arrested.

Meanwhile, Owens has submitted a DNA sample that will be matched to traces discovered at the crime site. As a former student, he was bound to be picked up in the genetic-sampling dragnet.

In addition, the local prosecutors’ office mentioned that the 37-year-old had shared a detailed explanation for the action he took.

Furthermore, one of the prosecutors asserted, “We will see if the investigation corroborates what he has said”.”

On Tuesday, Uwents arrived in the court before the judge and was placed in custody on a murder charge.

On the other hand, Uwents was a devout Christian, and he used to help homeless individuals.

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