EU Ambassadors show Unity and Solidarity in support of Greek Police at Evros Borders

Europe: A message of unity and solidarity for the resolute guarding of the European borders on the Evros and support for the Greek Police that has the responsibility to guard them emerges from the informational meeting that Takis Theodorikakos had in Alexandroupoli, with 27 EU ambassadors, associated countries with the Schengen Treaty and Britain.

“The security of the European states and their citizens is a prerequisite for dealing with illegal immigration and – consequently – guarding the external borders here in Evros.

For this reason, the project of guarding by EL.AS. and the Security Authorities as a whole needs the support not only of the Greek Police or State but also of European public opinion and the European Union itself, and the European states individually.

Today’s meeting here sends a message of unity and solidarity and expresses our common will for effective guarding of the European borders with Turkey, for the application of international law, and our determination for stability and cooperation in the region”, emphasized Mr Theodorikakos in his intervention.

The Minister of Citizen Protection, who, after the meeting, visited Frachtis in Ferries with the ambassadors, described to the diplomatic representatives of the European countries the situation prevailing at the Greek-Turkish border and stated that during 2022 the entry of 260,000 illegal immigrants was prevented by Greek police while around the 1,500 traffickers.

According to the data he provided, around 300-400 illegal immigrants are prevented from crossing the border by the Greek border guarding authorities every day.

He referred to the positive role of Frontex and announced that in 2023 our border guard will be strengthened with another 400 people.

The 250 take up service in February. Today, 1800 border guards serve in the region, and they are the modern Akrites of Europe.

“Without the presence of these modern European critics, who operate as a deterrent and effectively, the millions of immigrants waiting to enter Europe would have moved to the borders,” he underlined.

Speaking of the development of an organized support network of dubious moral composition, working with a clear political agenda, as they are directed directly against European institutions. “The goal seems to be the overthrow of the balance and social cohesion. Their goal is to undermine institutions and values,” he added.

In order to limit illegal immigration, Mr Theodorikakos informed the European diplomats that the government took the decision to upgrade the protection measures at the borders through the implementation of the “Akritas” project implemented by the Ministry of Citizen Protection.

In this context, Greece is proceeding, in the first phase, with the construction of another 35 kilometres of the Evros Barrier, which currently extends to 37.5 kilometres. The project has a budget of 100 million euros and is fully covered by the state budget of Greece.

Greece, as he noted, which bears a large burden of illegal migration flows, gives particular importance to the aspect of security and protection of the external European borders.

” It is our firm position that first host Member States cannot be the only European destinations. There should be solidarity between member states and a fair sharing of responsibilities.

Close cooperation and information sharing between our sites are essential in order to effectively manage this major problem. Close coordination is necessary, as we already do with neighbouring countries, such as Bulgaria, with which we have excellent cooperation on the matter,” he added.

“We defend Europe’s borders, we defend the Principles and Values ​​of European Civilization, we work with determination, efficiency, humanity and solidarity, but we cannot hide behind our fingers about what is really happening and what are the real aspirations of some and the real stake for all of us”, he emphasized to the ambassadors and pointed out that Greece has denounced Turkey’s use of migrants as a tool.

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