Emmanuel Macron announces France is all set to provide gas to Germany

President of France-Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday that the nation was ready to provide gas to Germany in the coming winter.

This would allow the authorities of Germany to produce more electricity, which would permit Germany to contribute electricity to the French power grid during peak hours. After a video call with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, he shared the information with the sources.

Macron mentioned in the statement, “We are going to complete the gas connections that will allow us to deliver gas to Germany.”

Along with this, both France and Germany are scrambling to replenish gas reserves after Russia curtailed deliveries in retaliation for western support for war-torn Ukraine in its war with Russia.

Germany is more dependent on Russian gas than France, which generates most of its electricity in nuclear power stations.

In addition, the French government has repeatedly warned that companies, as well as retail users, are required to cut down on their energy use next winter, with electricity outages a possibility if the winter is unusually cold.

On Monday, Macron mentioned the statement, “The answer is up to us”, as well as French people are required to cut their energy consumption by, for example, using air conditioning as well as heating a “Bit less than usual” to avoid power outages.

Moreover, he asserted that the temperatures indoors in the winters should be kept at no more than 19 Celsus (66 Fahrenheit).

Macron also stated that he was in favour of joining gas purchases by European Union governments which he stated would make them cheaper.

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