Cultural Sector Shutdown: Belgian actor hold stir on Place de la Monnaie

Stany Crets, a Belgian actor and director, has called for a protest on the Place de la Monnaie in Brussels this Sunday afternoon to express his opposition to the shutdown of the country’s cultural institutions.

“For the umpteenth time, we are the black sheep in the family.” Crets said on his Facebook page on Thursday that he was “the sacrificial lamb.”

“We’ll see a complete collapse of the events, culture, and entertainment sector, or whatever we want to call it,” Crets predicted. “There will be no impact on the hospitality business.” Don’t get me wrong, they have complete control over the situation. “However, that is a bit weird, to say the least.

Crets claims that the cultural sector is in disbelief as a result of the new regulations.

“It’s a language that no one understands. Neither the producers, nor the participants, nor the creatives, nor the general audience are aware of this. “It’s ridiculous,” he wrote.

Crete says that during the pandemic, the cultural sector has always allowed solidarity to take precedence over self-interest, “but solidarity is no longer an argument – at least not when arbitrariness is involved.”

He stated that the cultural sector encompasses thousands of varied activities that cannot be grouped together under one common denominator, but that to the government, the sector is regarded as a single entity. As a result, it’s a major disappointment.”

Citing their disagreements as a source of weakness at the time, he called on members of the sector to come together and speak with one voice during their demonstration, which will take place on Sunday, December 26 at 2:00 PM on the Place du Monnaie in Brussels.

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