After demonstrations, Belgium suspends Covid closure of cultural venues

On Tuesday, a Belgian court ordered the shutdown of cultural venues to be halted. Theatres are also included in this category. Last week, a measure to close cultural sites was unveiled. The move was intended to halt the spread of the Omicron Covid variety.

A protest against the closure of cultural spaces was staged in Brussels’ cultural quarter. The suspension of closure will not result in the reopening of theatres right away.

The authorities had not proved “in what sense entertainment venues are particularly harmful places for (people’s) health… in that they would transmit coronavirus, to the amount essential to order their closure,” according to a judgement by Belgium’s top administrative court.

On December 22, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced the original move, citing a substantial increase in the percentage of tests revealing the Omicron form in Belgium.

Despite an overall decline in Covid-19 infections since a peak at the start of the month while the country battled a fourth wave that stretched hospitals, this came despite an overall drop in Covid-19 infections from a peak at the start of the month.

Approximately 5,000 people flocked to the streets in Brussels on Sunday to protest the closing of cultural establishments, according to police.

Authorities have been accused of targeting the industry because pubs and restaurants have been permitted to continue operating.

Following a complaint from a theatre producer in the capital, the government’s closure order was overturned.

Cinemas and other venues such as bowling alleys and casinos were not included, although officials are dealing with similar issues and may be able to reopen more facilities in the coming days.

In defiance of the legislation, a number of well-known theatres and cinemas have elected to remain open.

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