COVID patients in Belgian hospitals drops below 100: Reports

Europe: The average number of COVID-19 patients admitted to the health care centre in Belgium has decreased to below 100 for the first time since mid-October in the previous year, while all other indicators continue to decline.

An average of 91.3 patients suffering from COVID-19 were admitted to the hospitals every day between 13 and 19 May, which decreased by one-fourth from the previous seven days, as per to the figures published by the Sciensano Institute of Public Health on Friday.

This number reflects the maximum number of individuals that have been admitted to the hospital directly due to the virus, not those who were admitted with another condition as well as then tested positive for COVID-19 infection.

Moreover, on Thursday, the majority number of 1,408 people in the health care centre of Belgium because of an infection, 56 fewer than Wednesday, while the number of the individuals that have been treated in intensive care sits at 105.

This number covers all of the patients who have been tested positive for COVID-19, including those who were first admitted with a different condition.

Between May 10 and 16, an average of 3,536 new Covid-19 infections per day were discovered, a 19% decrease from the preceding seven days and the lowest level since mid-October last year.

The positivity rate is currently 21.3 per cent, which means that little more than one out of every five tests is positive. The Omicron BA.2 mutation, which is highly transmissible, currently accounts for 98.1 per cent of all cases.

During the same week, an average of 9.9 Covid-19 patients died per day, a 22 per cent decrease from the previous week. The overall number of people who have been killed in Belgium since the outbreak began is 31,675.

This statistic includes persons who died of a different reason but were infected, suggesting that the number of Covid-19 fatalities caused by the virus may be underestimated.

Furthermore, the current reproduction rate (Rt) is 0.84. This statistic depicts the average number of persons infected with the virus by each sick person. When it falls below 1, it indicates that the pandemic in Belgium is slowing.


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