Amazon is selling Anthem for $15 only

One of the best PS4 and Xbox One title, Anthem, is available at a very cheap price on Amazon. There are reports that Amazon is retailing both the editions, standard as well as the deluxe edition of the game at $15. As Amazon is selling both the editions at the same price, there is no reason to pick the standard edition over the better edition for the same price. At the launch period, the deluxe edition of the game was available at $80 which was $20 more than the standard version and getting it for $15 is a great deal.

Those who do not know the basic difference between the Standard edition and deluxe edition, we would like to tell you that the difference between the two editions is not much. The deluxe edition which is The Legion of Dawn Edition comes equipped with “Legendary Legion of Dawn Armor Packs, Legendary Weapon, and Legendary Ranger Gear Piece”.

So earlier it was not worth to spent $20 for the extra things that the game comes with, but as they are for the same price at Amazon, picking up The Legion of Dawn Edition will be a wise decision as it will come along with extra goodies.

“Though at first glance BioWare’s Anthem looks to be something totally different, its latest adventure does a phenomenal job at blending a new experience together while still retaining that familiar BioWare flavor when it comes to character depth and narrative design. Unfortunately, though it’s enjoyable, that doesn’t mean it’s without flaw.”

Anthem is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and there are reports that the game will be launched for the Google Stadia in the future.

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