Zara Rutherford becomes the youngest women pilot to travel around world alone

In Belgium, on January 17 on 2022, a 19-year-old pilot named Zara Rutherford will land her shark sport aircraft in Kortrijk. As -per the...

Antwerp city officials are planning to vaccinate children in zoo

In Antwerp city, in Belgium's River Scheldt, have found an engrossing way to provide vaccination to the children with the initial shot against the...

Belgium government to spend €25 million for free PCR COVID-19 tests

The Belgium government spends €25 million for free PCR COVID-19 test every week. As per the information provided by the Federal Health Minister Frank...

Belgium to record 30,000 to 125,000 patients per day by mid-January: Experts

In Belgium, the daily COVID-19 cases hit a record high this week, ignited by the highly contagious Omicron-new variant of COVID-19, with health officials...

80% of the fully vaccinated people are protected against Omicron: Reports

In Europe, 80% of the fully inoculated people are protected from the Omicron variant. As per the sources, southwestern European doctors and nurses have called...

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