Brussels mobilizes gritting operations as subzero temperatures Loom

Anticipating temperatures to plummet below 0°C, Brussels Mobility has taken proactive measures to ensure the safety of road users by initiating comprehensive gritting operations throughout the region

Belgium struggles to tackle escalating cancer rates despite 15-Year-Old Plan

In a disconcerting revelation, the latest OECD report on cancer has exposed Belgium's persistent battle with rising cancer rates, despite the implementation of a major cancer plan by the Federal Government nearly 15 years ago

Belgium addresses urgent need for guardians as unaccompanied minors seek refuge

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the Ministry of Justice has collaborated with the Centre for General Welfare Work (CAW) to bolster the ranks of guardians who play a crucial role in representing and safeguarding these minors

Belgium: Fire engulfs squat on rue Saint-Jean in Brussels, leaving nine hospitalized

The daring rescue operation unfolded as two individuals were evacuated via a ladder attached to the front facade. One person descended the stairs to safety, and another made a dramatic escape via a flat roof at the back of the building

Security scare at Royal Golf Club of Belgium in Tervuren

Royal Golf Club of Belgium in Tervuren yesterday, found itself at the centre of a security emergency as fears arose that armed burglars had sought refuge within its renowned greenery

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