Belgium: YWBA Treasurer Antoinette Hodge accused of stealing $30,000 from religious organization

UNIONTOWN, Belgium – Antoinette Hodge, the defiant City of Uniontown Treasurer charged with embezzling so much cash that the city had to increase property taxes, is now accused of stealing $30,000 from a religious organization based here.

Vultepsi-Amyras: Action with immigrants in Schistos to protect Environment

Rocco: The message that is protecting and caring for the Environment is everyone's business was sent by the Schistos Structure by the Deputy Ministers of Migration and Asylum and Environment and Energy Sofia Voultepsi and Giorgos Amyras, as well as the head of the IOM in Greece, Ambassador Gianluca Rocco.

Belgium Embassy organizes activities on protection of women against violence

Belgium: In solidarity with the 18-Day Campaign to End Violence against Women (VAW), the Philippine Embassy in Belgium organized on 14 December 2018 at the Embassy premises 3rd Consultation Meeting to Establish the Women Helping Women Network (WHW) back-to-back with a Seminar on Learning Protocols to Protect Victims and Survivors of VAW.

Vegan Strike Group disrupts World Cup Jumping International,Bordeaux

Bulgaria: Two activists from the international animal rights organization Vegan Strike Group, Christina from Belgium and Peter Janssen from the Netherlands, disrupted the World Cup Jumping competition in Bordeaux on Sunday afternoon.

Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter shares update on mixed-breed dog

Chance, Animal Shelter shared information about a mixed-breed dog available for adoption. She is a cheerful, sweet named Sonya, a dog of mixed breed Jack Russell.

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