Belgian Public Transport Companies Unveil Youth Holidays Combi Ticket for Summer Exploration

Starting this July, individuals aged between 18 and 24 will have the opportunity to traverse the country's extensive public transport network for just 59 euros per month during July and August

European Commission Announces Wolf Fencing Team Belgium Winners of 2024 Natura 2000 Award

The Natura 2000 Award celebrates exceptional management of Natura 2000 sites, highlighting projects that contribute significantly to conserving nature for local communities and economies across the European Union

Majority of Belgians Aspire to Retire Before 65, but Only a Minority Achieve It

In construction, 60% retire early, with similar trends in logistics and transport (58.67%), hospitality (56.1%), and wholesale and retail (51.85%). These sectors often involve starting careers earlier, making early retirement more feasible

Belgium Revamps Eurovision Selection Process for 2025: VRT Aims for Professional Excellence

Gerrit Kerremans, General Music Coordinator at VRT, detailed the changes in a recent interview with Belgian media platform HLN, emphasizing a focus on professionalism and live performance prowess

European Farmers Rally in Brussels Against EU Green Policies

Farmers traveled from the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and Germany to voice their opposition to the EU's Green Deal, which they argue imposes unrealistic demands on the agricultural sector

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