Canada revises COVID protocols for travelers, lifts arrival testing at airports

The government of Canada has made an announcement about the suspension of random COVID tests at airports from Saturday, in an effort to the wait times faced by the travellers, as per the sources.

The tests, carried out randomly for arrivals to Canada, will resume “offsite” from the first of July, as per the statement made by the government.

The objective of the National authorities is to continue to work with the airports and airlines “To implement solutions to reduce delays as we approach the peak summer season.”

The airline industry officials had blamed random testing for the long wait times at Canada’s already short-staffed airports. In Toronto as well as Montreal, for instance, it has taken passengers hours to leave the airport in recent weeks. All over the nation, all sectors of activity have been hit by staff shortages.

Along with this, the majority of the passengers took to social media to complain that they had to wait for a long time in their plans on the tarmac before being authorised to disembark, after which they were forced to stand in long queues to claim their luggage.

The nation’s number one carrier, Air Canada, acknowledged that these challenges had affected it. Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick mentioned the long delays at security and customs, especially at Toronto’s Pearson Airport, have forced airlines to cancel some flights.

Furthermore, Canada’s government has promised to take no more control officers announcing in its statement that an additional 865 persons had joined its air transport security services since April.

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