Brussels Tram Network Revamped: STIB Announces Service Enhancements to Meet Passenger Needs

In a bid to better serve its passengers, the Brussels public transport operator STIB has announced significant changes to the routes of three tram lines in the northern part of the city. Effective from Saturday, 6 July, these alterations aim to enhance frequency and reliability for commuters.

Realignment of Tram Lines 9 and 19

Tram lines 9 and 19 will undergo a major realignment. Currently, tram line 9 runs between Simonis and Roi Baudouin (near the Atomium), while tram line 19 services stop between Groot-Bijgaarden and De Wand to the north of Parc de Laeken.

However, starting on 6 July, the northern branches of these lines will be swapped. Tram line 9 will then run between Groot-Bijgaarden and Roi Baudouin, and tram line 19 will travel between Simonis and De Wand.

According to Guy Sablon, a spokesperson for STIB, this realignment is based on a thorough analysis of passenger needs. “The realignment will improve frequency and reliability on the most used part of the line,” Sablon stated.

“Combining line 9 with the Simonis-Groot-Bijgaarden 19 branch will allow us to offer a higher frequency to passengers on the Simonis-UZ Brussels axis, with a tram every four minutes during rush hour instead of every six minutes currently.”

Addressing Current Issues

Currently, tram line 19 runs more frequently than tram line 9, despite the latter’s increased frequency since its commission in 2018.

However, line 19 has encountered issues due to the length of the line and the lack of a dedicated lane on much of its route. In contrast, tram line 9 benefits from its own lane, contributing to fewer delays and more reliable service.

“The full dedicated lane between Simonis and Groot-Bijgaarden will significantly enhance the efficiency of the service, ensuring a smoother and quicker journey for passengers,” Sablon added.

Extension of Tram Line 62

In addition to the realignment of tram lines 9 and 19, tram line 62 will also see a significant change. The line, which currently runs between Eurocontrol and the Cimitière of Jette, will be extended to Heysel (by the Atomium). This extension is also set to commence on 6 July.

“This extension will allow people to use two tram lines to travel from Heysel to the city center, namely lines 7 and 62,” Sablon explained. This move is expected to provide more convenience and options for commuters traveling between Heysel and central Brussels.

STIB’s Commitment to Passengers

Sablon emphasized that these changes are part of STIB’s ongoing commitment to adapt its services to respond to passenger needs. “We constantly monitor the evolution of passengers’ needs to ensure our network meets their demands efficiently,” he said.

In the days leading up to and following the changes, STIB staff will be actively present on the network, at stops, and in vehicles. Their role will be to explain the changes to passengers and assist those who might have difficulties reaching their destinations due to the new routes.


These updates are poised to make a significant impact on the daily commute of Brussels residents, providing them with more reliable and frequent tram services.

STIB’s proactive approach in analyzing and responding to passenger needs highlights its dedication to improving public transport in the city. As these changes take effect, commuters can look forward to a more efficient and convenient tram network in Brussels.


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