Brussels government authorities made a visit to 120,000 residents on COVID-19

In Brussels, two years from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were field agents from the government’s COVID-19 testing as well as the tracing department, who visited more than 120,000 citizens for checking.

Moreover, the Joint Community Commission Cocom, as well as the health insurance funds, has been moved over 60 field agents per day to alert individuals about the increase in infection or the risk of the people getting the contact, spreading the information related to the health standards to patients and to help the needy ones to cope up from the difficulties they are facing.

On Tuesday, the Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls Cocom mentioned during the press conference, “After they a look to the tracing process as well as appreciations to their human approach which has helped in building the relationship of trust.”

“The agents responded to the questions about the travel, vaccination, the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) and more. If the question lies outside their capability, they directed it to the right service, including municipal services or health insurance funds.”

As per the information provided by the head of the Brussels Health Inspectorate, Inge Neven, One of the most significant advantages of the field agents is that they are able to get in contact with the individuals who cannot be contacted via mobile phone, and they can forward the complicated social situations.

Neven further mentioned, “The field agents have various backgrounds as well as they come from other communities. Additionally, together they all are experienced in dozens of the languages, including English to Sweden and from Arabic to Vietnamese.”

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