Brussels Braces for Stormy Weather: Parks Closed, Helpline Activated

As the sun bid adieu to Belgium after a warm and pleasant weekend, ominous clouds loom over Brussels, heralding the arrival of stormy weather.

The Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) has issued warnings of impending showers, thunderstorms, and gusty winds, prompting authorities to take swift precautionary measures.

According to the RMI, the tranquil blue skies that graced Monday morning will soon give way to cloud cover, with the first showers expected to make an appearance in various parts of Belgium during the morning hours.

By afternoon, a formidable “structured and intense line of showers” will sweep across the nation from the coast towards the Ardennes.

“High winds, thunderstorms, and even hail are expected to accompany this weather system,” cautioned the RMI.

Inland areas will experience fairly strong to strong southwest winds, while coastal regions will contend with winds reaching strong to very strong levels, with gusts roaring up to 80-90 km/h. Temperatures in the heart of the country will hover around 11°C at their peak.

In response to the forecasted inclement weather, Brussels Environment has announced the closure of parks and forests in the Brussels region, including the renowned Sonian Forest, from noon until 19:00.

This proactive measure aims to safeguard residents from potential hazards posed by falling trees and debris. Notices will be prominently displayed at park entrances, and park rangers will be on hand to inform the public.

Following the storm, thorough inspections and necessary maintenance will be conducted before reopening these green spaces to the public.

Furthermore, to streamline emergency responses and prevent overload on essential services, the Home Affairs Ministry has activated helpline 1722.

This measure aims to ensure that individuals in life-threatening situations can promptly reach emergency services via 112, while those requiring assistance for storm or water damage can seek support through the designated helpline or the e-counter.

Looking ahead, the forecast paints a picture of continued unsettled weather in the days to come. Tuesday is expected to bring mostly cloudy skies accompanied by rain and showers moving from north to south across the country.

Maximum temperatures are forecasted to plummet, ranging from 4°C in the High Fens to 10°C in central regions, with wind gusts still posing a threat, reaching up to 70 km/h inland and 80 km/h at sea.

Wednesday promises to be chilly, with showers potentially intensifying and thunder rumbling in the distance. Maximum temperatures will remain modest, hovering between 6 and 10°C, with the possibility of light ground frost overnight. Winds are anticipated to be moderate, blowing from the north to northwest.

As the week progresses, Thursday offers little reprieve from the chill, with scattered showers persisting throughout the day, albeit less frequent compared to preceding days.

Maximum temperatures are forecasted to range between 8 and 11°C as Belgium braces for the lingering effects of the tumultuous weather system.

In conclusion, as Belgium braces for the onslaught of stormy weather, authorities remain vigilant, implementing precautionary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of residents.

With parks closed, helplines activated, and storm damage anticipated, it’s imperative for individuals to exercise caution and heed official guidance to navigate through the turbulent days ahead.


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