Brussels airport expects to have busy season as many nations relaxes COVID-19 restrictions

Europe- Brussels Airport is going to have a busy summer as most of the nations have relaxed their COVID-19 rules and regulations, and people are keen to travel again, according to the sources.

Brussels is not the only airport expecting a summer of disruptions. Two-thirds of the airports all over Europe expect flights to be delayed, as per ACI Europe, the European trade association for airports.

Moreover, most of the airports lack employees, as the travel sector was one of the most severely impacted by the pandemic. As a result, most of the people at airports lost their jobs.

Currently, the industry is kicking off again as well as it appears ready to find new employees in time. Further to this, 16 percent of airports expect flight cancellations to increase, and one-third predict that staffing issues will continue after the summer season.

Along with this, in order to overcome staff shortages ahead of a busy summer, Brussels Airport launched a huge recruitment drive last week, with over one thousand jobs being offered.

In addition, the pandemic changed travelling habits as well as made last-minute bookings popular. However, this trend appears to be less pronounced this summer as travel restrictions have been eased across many countries.

But the uncertainties don’t seem to put people off travelling: more than three-quarters of Europeans have made plans to travel this summer, as demonstrated by a survey carried out by the European Travel Commission, a non-profit travel organization based in Brussels which promotes Europe as a tourist destination.

Furthermore, given the expected busy summer, on peak days, Brussels Airport warns that there may be long queues and urges passengers to arrive at the airport well ahead of their flights.




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