Brussels Airlines crew and pilots will proceed with 3 day strike from June 23-25

Belgium: The airline company made an announcement on Tuesday that the Brussels Airlines crew and pilots will proceed on a three-day strike from Thursday, June 23, till June 25. The preliminary cancellation of 315 flights, including 38 long-haul flights.

Five hundred thirty-three flights were planned for the three affected days, serving 70,000 passengers, Brussels Airlines highlighted in the press release. The airline plans to keep 40 percent of the scheduled flights in operation, though this may change depending on the participation of crew and pilots in the strike. With the cancellation of 315 flights, 40,000 passengers are expected to the impacted.

The airlines stated they are trying to find alternative solutions for the cancelled flights inside and outside the Lufthansa group. Currently, one solution is operating three long-haul planes to account for three flights to Nice and four to Rome. The airline plans to have all impacted passengers informed by the end of the day Tuesday, as they mentioned in the statement.

The national strike on Monday resulted in the cancellation of all flights from Brussels Airport as the absence of striking security personnel posed a security threat to airport operations.

The strike has been called by crews and pilots who are burdened with heavy workloads and worsening work conditions, made worse by the high number of travellers during the summer holiday season and the lifting of pandemic restrictions. Workers are urging management to reduce the high work pressure and index their “Cafeteria plan”, a budget for extra-legal benefits.

Ryanair personnel are also going on a similar three-day strike this week from Friday, June 24 to Sunday, 26. This is expected to have further impacts on flight cancellations.

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