Brussels: 20,000 off-street parking spaces, 10,000 secure bicycle parking spaces must be built by 2026

In the Brussels-Capital Region, 20,000 off-street parking spaces, 10,000 safe bicycle parking spaces, and 10,000 bike racks must be built by the year 2026.

Additionally, parking is provided in the new management agreement for the parking spots that was signed on Tuesday by Brussels and the Regional Parking Agency. For the purpose of identifying and establishing particular drop-off locations for shared mobility vehicles, Brussels will give its expertise to the municipalities in Brussels.

Brussels Mobility Minister Elka Van Den Brandt mentioned in the statement, “By developing 20,000 attractive parking spaces in the neighbourhoods for local residents as well as at the entrance to the city for commuters, will be a major lever for reclaiming public space.”

To achieve this, parking facilities for all users, 10,000 safe bicycle parking spaces and 10,000 temporary bicycle parking spaces like racks will be built. Additionally, it is assisting the towns and the Region in building pedestrian drop-off areas and an international bus terminal.

Together with STIB and Brussels Mobility, Van den Brandt said, They are aiming to make the Region appealing, practical, and multimodal. A community with excellent public spaces, lovely squares, broad sidewalks, private bus lanes, trees, playgrounds, pavement cafés, etc. On the route to a true, human-scale metropolis.

The management agreement did, however, include the goal of “implementing a cohesive and harmonised parking policy throughout the territory of the Region, via the use of a trustworthy and effective control and collection system.”

A new key indication should also enhance the quality of parking controls. The goal is to halve at least the amount of parking fines that are cancelled because they were improperly issued.

The contract also enables the integration of the control and collection orders of the municipalities who request it by improving the quality of resources and practices at

The objective is to persuade as many towns as possible to trust with the responsibility of managing their parking policy by 2026.

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