Billie Eilish accused of ‘queerbaiting!’

In the most recent release video, “Lost Cause” of Billie Eilish, new controversies have arisen. The singer, Billie in this video is seen enjoying a raucous slumber party with a bunch of her girlfriends. Notably, these girls can be noticed dancing, striking to pose sexy, and eating snacks as well. Basically, the fans of Billie have prompted to call her out on social media with a very specific charge: “queerbaiting.”

One of her fans tweeted, “Hey can Billie Eilish stop queerbaiting, please. She knows what she’s doing.” Further, another one questioned the singer by saying, “Is Billie Eilish bi? Or did I just watch four minutes of queerbaiting done by a straight person?” In all her posts or contents, the main point to be noticed is that her fans are doubting her. An individual said, “Is it just me that feels like Billie Eilish’s new music video is just straight-up queerbaiting?” However, a few of her fans doubt and questioned her,  “I loooveee billie but this kinda seems a bit like she’s queer baiting yk what i mean??”

Rich Ferraro, chief communications officer at GLAAD the watchdog for fair and accurate LGBTQ media representation said, “In media, queerbaiting often manifests in the form of a coded romance or another type of representation that alludes to being LGBTQ, but never actually confirms or depicts that representation. He further stated, “We often see it from brands or talent who are trying to market products or projects to the community and have a goal not to create change but to profit from LGBTQ dollars.”

He also said, “For a community that has historically been underrepresented in media and continues to lack enough visibility in film, television, advertising and more, queerbaiting has been called out time and again by our community and flies in the face of how to authentically and meaningfully engage with LGBTQ people.”

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