Belgium: New working rules restricts boss to call any government worker after working hours

Belgium has imposed new regulations in which the bosses cannot call the employees during working hours. As per the information provided by the sources, the term is known as “Right to Disconnect”.

The movement will be coming into effect targeting the considerate workers from February 1 as per the Minister of Civil Service Petra De Sutter.

In the newspaper De Morgen, there was a memo in which it was mentioned that all the employees could be only contacted during their working hours, “Discloses workers can only be contacted ahead or before normal working hours in exception and unwarned or undeclared circumstances where the action is much needed and one cannot wait for next period to propose the order.”

Furthermore, it has been mentioned the workers should not take disadvantage of this decision because their company head will not contact them after their working hours as the primary objective of it is that the employees can “Focus Better, it will lead to better recovery from illness or exertion as well as more bearable energy level.”

If the regulation gets disobeyed, then there are penalties they have to pay. Meanwhile, De Sutter stated in the memo that this decision took place to reduce “The excessive stress and workout as well as burnout.”

According to few authorities, “this is a good action that took place for a better working environment. All the people should follow this as this will lead to bursting stress and burning out the work stress, and there are various ways to reduce the office working hours.”

This commitment is expected to help the government officials of Belgium, and in the future, it is also expected to help the officials working in the private sector. Meanwhile, the Unions have issues -about how easy and convenient this will be.

The president of the Belgian union FGTB-ABVV, Thierry Bodson, mentioned, “The implementation of this decision will help the public sector workers a lot as it is imperative for them. This is a positive path for the employees but it is not applicable to the other workers in Belgium.”

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