Belgium Air Force Days: Famous A109 fleet performed its last public display

Yesterday at the Belgian Air Force Days, the famous Belgian Air Force A109 Display Team performed their last public display. The Team are disbanding due to the reduction of the A109 fleet in the Belgian Air Force.

The Team has been a common sight on the European Airshow circuit for many years, performing truly spectacular displays showing the agility of the A109 as well as the skill and professionalism of the Belgian Air Force pilots. Their stunning flare drops, especially during the sunset displays, resulted in many fantastic photos and memories.

The sight was a perfect photo opportunity for Aviation enthusiasts and photographers. Several photographers from various regions of the country attended the Air show following the invitation sent by the Belgium Air Force.

The Belgium Air Force appreciated the remarkable service of pilots Jo Jacobs and Stijn Soenens and the entire A109 Display Team past and present for all the bladeslaps and flares over the many years and hundreds of displays all across Europe.

The Air Show took place at ‘Vliegbasis Kleine-Brogel Air Base, the military airport of the Belgian army located in Peer Municipality. The Belgium Air Force celebrated its 124th anniversary by organizing Belgian Air Force Days from September 8 to 10.

The visitors had the opportunity to observe Belgian military and civil aviation displayed at the Kleine-Brogel Air Base. They also enjoyed the remarkable Air Show in the blue sky. Numerous aircraft used by Belgian Air Force performed various flight manoeuvres and flair drops.

Following are the aircraft participated in Belgian Air Force Days-

– F-35 Lightning II Demo Team USAF
– Dream Viper Solo Display (F-16)
– Red Devils – Belgian Air Force
– Mustang X-Ray – Air Force
– Spitfire OO-XVI
– Eurofighter Typhoon
– Patrouille de France (on Sundays)

The spectators admired the last flight of the first Belgian F-16, which was anticipated to be taken out of service after 8,000 flight hours.

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