Belgian paradise Lavrec island hits market for €2.31 million

In a real estate revelation that could fulfil the fantasies of island enthusiasts, a mysterious Belgian owner has decided to part ways with his private haven, Lavrec Island.

Nestled just off the coast of Brittany in northwestern France, this pristine retreat is now up for grabs, listed at a cool €2,310,000 by Sotheby’s International Realty.

As Peter Bos of Sotheby’s stated, the decision to sell is attributed to personal reasons, casting an air of intrigue over the picturesque property.

The island in the Côtes-d’Armor department boasts historical significance as the reputed site of Armorican Brittany’s first monastery. Comprising two parts and spanning an expansive ten hectares, Lavrec Island measures 400 meters in length and 300 meters in width.

Of the total expanse, six hectares are available for purchase, featuring a weathered 150-square-meter house in dire need of substantial renovation.

According to Bos, the current owner is reluctantly parting with the island, opening the door for prospective buyers to own a piece of secluded paradise.

At low tide, a leisurely stroll to the nearby, more oversized island of Bréhat, where residents can conveniently fetch freshly baked baguettes in the morning, is possible.

When the tide rises, a boat becomes the mode of transport, ensuring an undisturbed sanctuary for Lavrec’s fortunate inhabitants.

The island’s allure lies in its small coves and private pontoon, creating an exclusive retreat for its future owners.

Bos emphasizes the isolation without the sense of being lost, making Lavrec Island a unique and enticing prospect. The rest of the island remains in the possession of farmers and heirs, who have limited access due to its enclosed nature.

Access to Lavrec Island is restricted to the fortunate owner’s private pontoon, enhancing its appeal as an isolated sanctuary.

Described by Bos as a “small paradise on earth,” the property is turning heads despite the dilapidated state of its 150-square-meter house.

While only the walls remain standing, prospective buyers are provided with dated photos that offer a glimpse into the potential transformation post-renovation.

Potential buyers expressing interest are reportedly mainly entrepreneurs, captivated by the exceptional location of Lavrec Island.

The prospect of owning a private escape with historical significance and untouched beauty has sparked curiosity in those seeking a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the mainland.

As the island’s listing gains attention, Lavrec Island is a testament to the allure of exclusive, private escapes.

The sale opens a window for a new chapter in the island’s storied history as a fortunate buyer prepares to transform Lavrec into their personal Eden.

The compelling combination of history, seclusion, and natural beauty paints Lavrec Island as an idyllic retreat for those with a taste for the extraordinary.

In the world of real estate, Lavrec Island is not merely a property; it is an opportunity to own a piece of history, a slice of nature, and an escape like no other.

The journey to Lavrec promises to be a chapter of luxury, seclusion, and the fulfilment of a dream for the fortunate soul who secures this enchanting slice of paradise.


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