Belgian Federal Police launches search operation for missing policeman with his service firearm

Europe: A Brussels Police officer has been reported mission from his home in Walloon municipality, Frederic Gonzalez Moradiellos, 35-year-old. He is thought to be in possession of his service firearm.

According to the sources, a search operation began by the Belgian Federal police to search the police officer after he had not been seen since he left his house on Rue du Petit- Petit-Bruxelles at about 10:00 on Tuesday. The police officer’s residence in the Walloon town of Rebecq was reported missing.

Moreover, the 35-year-old policeman has been assigned to the Ixelles and Brussels-Capital police zones, but he recently moved to Walloon Bradent.

As per the information from the sources, his service weapon is currently untraceable. As a result, the case was quickly prioritised by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Walloon Brabant.

Along with this, this could be because the authorities of Belgium do not want a repeat of the fallout from the previous year’s disappearance of armed far-right soldier Jürgen Conings.

A major search operation has since started in Brussels and in Rebecq, especially in the municipality’s woods and cemeteries.

Furthermore, new searches are being conducted on Wednesday afternoon.

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