Belgian Animal Park Prepares Farewell for Pandas Heading Back to China

Pairi Daiza, a renowned animal park nestled in Hainault, Belgium, revealed on Tuesday that three of its beloved pandas will soon bid adieu to their European home.

Tian Bao, born in 2016, along with twins Bao Di and Bao Mei, born in 2019, are set to embark on their journey back to China in the autumn of 2024.

The news marks a significant moment in the partnership between Pairi Daiza and the China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA), forged with the aim of preserving the endangered giant panda species.

The impending departure of the three pandas follows an initial agreement stipulating their return to China at the age of four, to contribute to breeding and conservation efforts.

“The departure of our three ‘baby’ pandas, cherished by all since their arrival, is a poignant yet necessary step in our commitment to the conservation of this emblematic species,” expressed Pairi Daiza in a heartfelt statement.

Indeed, the pandas’ departure signifies the culmination of an eight-year journey for Tian Bao and a four-year stint for the twins, Bao Di and Bao Mei.

The process of repatriating Tian Bao had been delayed due to the restrictive measures imposed amidst the coronavirus pandemic, underscoring the challenges faced in navigating international conservation efforts during such unprecedented times.

Nonetheless, Pairi Daiza remains resolute in fulfilling its obligations under the agreement with CWCA.

As the park prepares to bid farewell to Tian Bao, Bao Di, and Bao Mei, it invites visitors to cherish the remaining months of their presence with a series of special events commemorating the pandas’ birthdays and celebrating their time in Belgium.

This farewell serves not only as a somber goodbye but also as a testament to the enduring collaboration between Pairi Daiza and China in safeguarding the future of the giant panda.

The story of the pandas’ journey from China to Belgium and back again reflects a broader narrative of international cooperation in conservation efforts.

Through initiatives like the breeding and conservation programs facilitated by Pairi Daiza and CWCA, strides are being made towards securing a sustainable future for endangered species worldwide.

While the departure of Tian Bao, Bao Di, and Bao Mei may evoke a sense of loss among visitors and caretakers alike, it symbolizes the hope for a brighter future for giant pandas.

Their return to China represents not an end, but rather a new chapter in the ongoing mission to protect and preserve these iconic creatures for generations to come.

In bidding farewell to these cherished pandas, Pairi Daiza reaffirms its commitment to the principles of conservation and biodiversity.

As the autumn of 2024 approaches, the park stands as a beacon of hope, reminding us of the importance of collective action in safeguarding our planet’s most precious inhabitants.


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