Austria decides to discontinue mandatory COVID-19 vaccine law

In Austria, the authorities have made the declaration that the nation has decided to discontinue the law that needed all of the needs of all adults to get vaccinated against the variant of the COVID-19.

The popularity of the vaccination was declared four months before as well as has been started fully effective in the month of February. Moreover, the rules and regulations set by the law, all of the individuals needed to fulfil their vaccination by the March 15, and the police officials were expected to bring out checks from the date.

Along with this, the authorities have highlighted that all of the people who fail to meet the vaccination rules and regulations would suffer from a fine of around €3,600.

According to the information provided by the sources, due to the present COVID-19 scenario in Austria and the virus’s weak symptoms, Austria’s constitutional minister, Karoline Edtstadler, said that the mandate would be temporarily halted since it is out of proportion to the circumstances,

The step that has been taken indicated that the people who have not yet been vaccinated against the variant of the COVID-19 infection would no longer be obliged to do so.

Additionally, it also means that the individuals who are not yet vaccinated will no longer have to follow the restrictions.

The Federal Minister for the EU and Constitution at the Federal Chancellery of Austria underlined that the regulatory framework would remain in place, saying they might re-introduce the mandate once again if the devastating situation of COVID infection begins to deteriorate.

As per the sources, the Health Minister of Austria named Johannes Rauch, mentioned that the compulsory vaccines would be stopped until they reassess the situation and the impact of such a decision.

Furthermore, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control shared the details that 83.1 percent of the whole population of Austria has completed primary vaccination until now.

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