Around 300 Ukrainian refugees deregistered from Belgium to reach home

About 300 Ukrainians are officials deregistered from Belgium to return home. As per the reports, 298 people from war-torn Ukraine in Belgium have returned home, with reference to the Office of Commissioner-General for Refugees.

As per the UN statistics, Russia’s full-scale military operation in Ukraine has forced over 13 million Ukrainians to run away from their houses. Some of the people have chosen to travel to Europe, which also includes more than 1 million to Poland and others to other cities within Ukraine.

Moreover, a total number of 595 people from Ukraine have deregistered from their municipalities, either signalling their departure from the nation or a move to a different area.

According to the General Commissariat for Refugees and Stateless Persons (CGRA), the number of Ukrainians taking steps to leave the nation has been rising in recent weeks.

Spokesperson Dominique Ernould mentioned that the commissariat is not notified of all departures, and the real statistic is expected to be much higher.

Not all of the people from Ukraine take the official steps when leaving the nation, while others notify the municipality but leave after the process is complete.

Along with this, to date, about 47,000 temporary protection statuses have been issued to Ukrainian refugees in Belgium. Around 38,803 Ukrainians have gone on to register themselves with a Belgian municipality.

Most of the people from the war-torn nation in Europe are deciding to travel back to their homes because of the relatively calm situation in Ukraine’s capital. Some struggle to acclimate to European cities, others struggle with finding meaningful employment, and many simply miss their homes and other family members.

UNHCR mentioned after their recent estimation that over 2.3 million border crossings back in Ukraine have made been made by Ukrainians. The border of Ukraine forces estimates that about 30,000 Ukrainians return to the nation on a per-day basis.

Furthermore, in May, Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko stated that the city’s population had returned to almost two-thirds of its pre-war levels.




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