Arkose to Open Second Bouldering Centre in Brussels, Following Permit Approval

Brussels, June 17, 2024 — The French climbing company Arkose has received official approval to open its second bouldering center in Brussels.

The new facility, which will be situated on Rue Eugène Verheggen on the border between Saint-Gilles and Forest, is set to transform a former garage into a state-of-the-art climbing hub for enthusiasts of the sport.

The permit, granted by the Brussels-Capital Region on May 30, marks a significant step forward for Arkose, which already operates a popular climbing center on Allée Verte near the canal in northern Brussels.

The new project, revealed earlier this year, has now been given the green light to proceed, with construction slated to begin in September 2024. The center is anticipated to open to the public in June 2025.

Bouldering, a rapidly growing branch of rock climbing, involves climbing without ropes or harnesses over safety mats at low heights, typically up to 4.5 meters.

This demanding sport requires considerable strength and technique, attracting a diverse range of participants from beginners to seasoned climbers.

The upcoming Arkose center will span 2,325 square meters, slightly smaller than its counterpart by the Brussels Canal.

It will feature distinct sections tailored for both adults and children, with climbing walls reaching heights of approximately 4.9 meters. In addition to the climbing facilities, the center will include an adjacent restaurant and bar, enhancing its appeal as a social and recreational destination.

The development plans also incorporate environmentally friendly aspects. As per the permit application, Arkose is required to create a permeable area to manage rainwater runoff and plant a tree onsite.

Further modifications include altering the front facade, replacing the garage door, and converting a window into an emergency door. The facility will also provide 30 parking spaces for bicycles, promoting sustainable transportation options for visitors.

Arkose’s expansion in Brussels is part of a broader trend in the city, which is home to a growing number of climbing centers.

With this new addition, the Brussels-Capital Region will boast a total of 19 climbing centers, reflecting the increasing popularity of the sport in the area.

Arkose operates a network of 25 climbing centers across Europe, known for their top-notch facilities and community-focused approach.

The new center in Saint-Gilles/Forest is expected to attract a wide range of climbers, from local residents to visitors from other parts of the city and beyond.

The decision to open a second center in Brussels underscores Arkose’s commitment to fostering the climbing community and promoting physical fitness through accessible and engaging recreational activities.

As construction kicks off later this year, the anticipation for the new bouldering hall builds, promising to bring a fresh wave of energy and excitement to the local climbing scene.

For updates on the progress and opening of the new Arkose bouldering centre, enthusiasts can follow Arkose on their social media channels or visit their website.

With the summer of 2025 marking its grand opening, the centre is poised to become a new landmark for climbing enthusiasts in Brussels.


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