All travelers to Czech Republic can freely enter into nation from Saturday: Authorities

The authorities of the Czech Republic have mentioned in a report that all of the travelers will now be able to enter freely from April 9, Saturday.

As per the data provided by the sources, the authorities have mentioned that they have made the decision to remove all of the entry restrictions.

The Czech Republic’s Ministry of Health has declared through the most recent information that the nation will longer apply the colour-coded system. Moreover, this indicated that all the travellers, regardless of their country of origin, can now enter Czechia restriction-free.

The Ministry has mentioned in the statement, “The Ministry of Health repealed the existing protective measures with regard to the epidemiological situation currently in the Czech Republic & abroad. All persons can now arrive in the Czech Republic without any restrictions, regardless of whether they are travelling from a non-EU country or the European Union.”

According to the statement, all of the individuals that are travelling will no longer be required to provide the proof of the COVID-19 at the time of their arrival.

Along with this, there are all the people included, even those who have not been vaccinated or recovered from the virus yet, can get access to the Czech Republic’s territory without following additional rules and regulations.

The Ministry has asserted that the decision to drop all of the entry restrictions follows the improvement of the current situation, which is related to the COVID in the nation as well as in the entire world.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has shared the data in which they have mentioned Czechia has reported 33,745 new cases of the people that have been infected by the variant of the COVID in the previous week.

Currently, the Czech Republic has already relaxed some of its domestic rules and regulations on COVID. The travellers, as well as the citizens of the nation, will no more need to wear a facial cover in public places.

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