4-year jail sentence for 19-year-old convicted of rape is “too low”, says Demir

The Flemish Minister of Justice named Zuhal Demir mentioned on her Twitter account that the four-year jail sentence for a 19-year-old convicted of rape is “Too low”.

The man was handed the sentence for the rape of a pregnant woman. Minister Demir has called for improved therapy and rehabilitation for sex offenders in prison and mentioned that there is never an excuse for raping a woman. She has also hit out at the lawyer Christine Mussche after she referred to the defender as well as Clint as an “ordinary” boy.

In the tweet, it was included, “An ‘Ordinary boy’, Master Moustache? An ordinary boy does not rape women. There is never an excuse for that. Never. #Sentencetoolow.”

Moreover, the sex offender named Ben C. has been drunkenly pulled a 29-year-old pregnant woman off her bicycle in the early hours of April 7 2021, in Lier as well as raped her. The maximum sentence that the court could have charged for the offence was five years in prison. But the three members of the court, which is made up of women, have rules that four years would suffice in two are suspended.

Along with this, the Minister does not consider it as an issue that she has been offered her opinion on a judicial verdict. Her representative shared the information during an interview as she is the Flemish as opposed to a federal the Minister of Justice and a “human being with the right to her own opinion”.

The Justice minister often believes that the cases of rape are sentenced too low, as she is in favour of a higher sentence combined with offender therapy.

But the lawyer of the victim disagrees with this statement, and the lawyer defends the rape victim, Hugo Coveliers, who does not agree with her criticism of Demir.

“It is always better as a minister not to comment on a matter you are not familiar with. I am also in favour of stricter sentences, but I think this is a good verdict.”

Apart from the four years in jail, the perpetrator must pay significant damages to get treatment for his sexual problems as well as stay away from drugs and alcohol. Coveliers stated, “I’m pretty sure they’ll follow suit.”

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