18 sheeps from single group killed in a wolf attack in Walloon

Around 18 sheep from a single group fell victim to a wolf attack in Tenneville. The incident took place in the municipality of Wallonia, located in the province of Luxembourg,

As per the reports, 12 of them were found dead, and six others had to be euthanised, as well as two others were wounded.

The head of the Walloon Wolf Network, Alain Licoppe, mentioned in the statement, “It is most likely the work of a wolf, given the modus operandi used not only to attack but also to consume the flesh.”

“All the sheep were bitten on the neck, once and deeply. Wolves usually do this. Dog attacks are much more anarchic.”

Along with this, the herd may have been attacked twice, and it also seems likely that the pack was attacked two times, on Monday night and at a previous time.

Licoppe said, “Some carcasses were in a more advanced state of decomposition,” which means that it is possible that there was a first attack 24 or 48 hours before the second.

The DNA samples were taken as well as sent to a lab in order to confirm that the attack was from a wolf. That will take 7 to ten days, as well as scientists hope to also be able to determine where the wolf came from and if it is one of the known ones in the Region or a new one.

Furthermore, Wolf-proof measures did not stop the attack. The livestock farmer had anti-wolf measures in place, namely fox lights which is a device that uses flashing lives to stave off wolves.

However, an expert will also estimate the losses suffered so that the farmer can receive from the Region.

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