Who is Justin Catfish? What was the investigation on the show?

Diddy’s uncle, Justin Combs, joined Nev Schulman in Catfish Season 7 in Episode 39 as the guest host of Cherie, 26 years old. They engaged in very sexual relationships after receiving a text from a confidential admirer and often exchanged NSFW images.

But finally, Cherie wants to meet her mystery guy after he got up to her. The “Catfish first” episode is that her lover online might be married. Is it true? Is it true? Continue reading to learn.

What was Avion and Cherie’s game?

Catfish Justin


Age 26, As a seller in Baltimore, Cherie works. She wrote to Catfish explaining that she got a text from a man who said she sold a tablet to him one day. However, until she sent him explicit images, he refused to give her details.

Finally, Avion Whitaker told her his name and tried to meet at a restaurant. When he went to the Hotel, the staff told her it was a fake, and Avion never appeared. He sent her a screenshot of the reservation. He excused her that he was pulled over to a DUI but insisted that the reservation was genuine.

Cherie also said that she had looked for her name and photos but that her mystery man couldn’t find social media.

What is the investigation about Justin Combs and Nev Schulman?

Justin Catfish

The two had no chance to find anything that confirmed or denied their identity, so they left a message in the Facebook community in his hometown asking if anyone knew it. A message from a woman named Monica Whitaker was sent to them requesting Nev to call her.

Monica said Avion was her husband, and a while ago, she caught him talking to her, but he told him to stop. She decided first to meet to get answers but then wrote to Nev that she changed her mind. Since the woman said that she had children with Avion, she did not want to “scale her marriage in national tv.”

They then decided to write Avion to see if he would meet with him, to which he agreed. Cherie and Buddy didn’t talk about it, two months later, and don’t prepare. Both of them, however, decided to move on.

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