White Suspicious powder found at European Commission building

Suspicious white powder discovered at European Commission, at about 11:50, emergency services were called to the 13th floor of the EU Commission building, where President Ursula Von Leyen’s office, on Friday morning.

While some mistook the incident for a fire, the Brussels Fire Brigade confirmed to the sources that the Commission had, in fact, received an envelope containing suspicious white powder.

As per Walter Derieuw, a spokesperson for the Brussels Fire Brigade, only one individual who came into contact with the powder as well has not presented any medical symptoms.

Currently, the situation is said to be “under control,” as well as the building is not currently being evacuated. Furthermore, Civil Protection is on-site to analyse the powder.

On the other hand, on 2018 February 14, the British parliament received a parcel containing an unknown white powder, which triggered a security incident.

Moreover, the suspicious package was delivered to the Parliament building in the heart of London at 1.36 pm local time, as per the police officials. However, it is unclear which department it was sent to.

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