What Happened to Vagabond Season 2? When Will It Air?

Korean fans are looking forward to the 2nd season of Vagabond. It was the first broadcast on SBS TV on 20 September 2019, consisting of 16 episodes. Netflix took it later and is today on it. It is now available. It’s an entertaining drama of action based on spying and corruption. The opening of the first season has visitors who want answers. Could you continue to read to see what we know?

What is the storyline?

The story begins with a mysterious plane crash which, along with Cha Dal-nephew, gun’s kills 200 civilians. He undertakes a task to uncover the reality behind the accident. He crosses paths with Go Hae-Ri with his mission. She is a National Intelligence Service operative (NIS). As Dal-gun gets more profound, he stumbles over a corruption network.

Vagabond Season 2

He realizes that a coverup involving terrorists and government conspiracies damages his nephew’s aircraft. To reveal the facts, Dal-gun works together with Hae-RI and NIS. Several questions remained unanswered with the show ending open (which we will not ruin for you).

Who will the actors in it?

We may expect the same cast to come back with new entries for Vagabond Season 2, depending on how the authors tell the tale. Let’s look at who the fans should look forward to again:

  • Cha Dal-gun, played by Lee Seung-Gi.
  • Go Hae-Ri, played by Bae Suzy.
  • Gi Tae-Woong, played by Shin Sung-rok, who is the head of the NIS information team.
  • Jung Kook-Pyo, the President, played by Yun-Shik.
  • Hong Soon-Jo, the Prime Minister, played by Moon Sung-Keun.

Surely several more familiar faces will be there. We’re going to have to wait and see who’s the face.

Vagabond Season 2

When will Vagabond Season 2 air?

The show is revived with all signals. One year has passed after the display gave the city a strong reception. The manufacturers said they had the show in mind for season 2. The film, along with a fan follow-up that demanded more aggressively, also has excellent ratings.

Because of these factors, the show is most likely to be renewed. The Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down everything. This also refers to the TV industry. Because of this, the fans must wait a little longer but should surely expect a second season.

The official release date is not yet available. The production of shows continues throughout the world, however. While the news is postponed, Vagabond Season 2 can be anticipated to be published sometime the following year.

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