Is Season 2 of Boys Over Flowers cancelled? When will it come out?

Over a decade, the fans of this famous Korean drama await Boys Over Flowers 2. The exhibition was transmitted between 5 and 31 January 2009. There is no news about a new season, even after the loud praise for these 25 series episodes. Many rumors and speculations are present. As a result, fans and viewers alike are perplexed. Some of these misunderstandings we want to clear up. Here’s what we know, therefore.

What would be the storyline of Boys Over Flowers?

Boys Over Flowers Season 2

Geum Jan Di saves a suicide-based student in this show. The student attends a prestigious wealthy school, and Jan Di comes from a poor background. She earns a scholarship to attend school as a result of her behavior. The attempt to commit suicide is a category named F4 in school. The community is made up of the most famous and influential boys in the school. It includes a grandson and a qualified potter whose family is the main museum of art. The party also includes a boy whose family manages the largest building enterprise.

Naturally, Jan Di doesn’t fit into the school like anyone else. She becomes the newest goal of F4, if not sufficient. There will not be one for season two because the show ended with a short drama of songs. Boys before flowers: F4 after story and the show’s whole story ends with the music drama. It will have to be an entirely new story if there’s a new season.

Who will be acting in it?

Boys Over Flowers Season 2

Jeon Gi-Sang, the director of the show, is a Yoon Ji-Ryun. Underneath is the main cast.

  • Geum Jan Di, portrayed by Ku Hye-Sun.
  • Goo Joon Pyo, portrayed by Lee Min-Ho.
  • Yoon Ji Hoo, portrayed by Kim Hyun-Joong.
  • So Yi Jung, portrayed by Kim Bum.
  • Song Woo Bin, portrayed by Joon Kim.
  • Chu Gal Eul, portrayed by Kim So-Eun.

When will Season 2 come out?

On 5 January 2009, Boys Over Flowers premiered their first season, as stated previously. There is no official second season release date after more than eleven years. While there are shows with long hiatuses in the meantime, a second season seems unlikely. At the same time, the casts do other things.


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