What did Christopher Eccleston Advise ‘Doctor Who’ For It to Survive?

It is tricky after nearly 60 years of TV adventures plus innumerable spins, comics, gameplay, and audio plays. Some say it impossible task for Doctor Who’s Canon to make sense. It sounds like he’s a fan of revealing the Timeless Child.

So, are we supposed to bother? Christopher Eccleston, the Ninth Doctor, suggested that the BBC science fiction series should ‘explode the canon,’ since it is the first time it takes over in 16 years.

What did Eccleston say?

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Eccleston said (via Den of Geek) that I am not a canon slave while promoting the Ninth Doctor adventure range of Big Finish audio dramas.

I think it must explode the canon if the show wants to survive. This rigid adherence to ‘Only the number of embodiments can there be’ and, above all, it is foolishness. This is absurd. The fantasy is boundless.

On TV, it recently dropped a bomb that, if not quite explosive, certainly shook it, with series 12 The Timeless Children being a double shock, revealing that the Doctor was not from Gallifrey and that before William Hartnell’s “First” there had been many embodiments of the character.

What did David Richardson confirm?

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Regarding the place in the timeline for the Big Finish’s new ninth doctor adventures, producer David Richardson confirmed that the stories – launched by Volume 1 next month: the Ravagers – will be set “before Rose.” Sometime after his regeneration, these are the adventures he went by himself, and then he began to discover himself as the war doctor. Eccleston said of the personal timeline of the Doctor. I just ignore it. And that’s it. We just recorded an episode where the Brigadier said to him: You remember, you went to my retirement party, and then we went to Gallifrey. He said, No, I don’t remember. I didn’t remember.

He’s completely at present an essential quality of him That [canon] I don’t refer to. The moment is a lot for my doctor.

The 9th Doctor Adventures – Volume One: the Ravagers is to be published in May 2021 by Big Finish. The ninth doctor will meet cybermen and brigadiers in the new stories (originally played by Nicholas Courtney, now voiced by Jon Culshaw).

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